Why Sunrise

Bring us your toughest challenge, we'll turn it into your brightest idea

Sunrise understands what it takes to turn innovative ideas into commercial medical devices. Clients leverage our extensive knowledge of key technologies and regulatory requirements to solve their design challenges.  At Sunrise, our projects are more than just ‘a job’.  Our team is passionate about improving patient outcomes and helping our clients to succeed. 

Our Values

Complementary skills are a great start; but common values and shared goals are equally core elements for a successful partnership. Here are the core values that Sunrise lives by.
  • Engineering Excellence: We love what we do, we stay current, and we do it right! Accelerating the delivery of technology to address important needs is what we live for.
  • Uncompromised integrity: We do what we say we will do and we stand behind our work. Over-delivering trumps over-promising. If we see a problem or inconsistency; we highlight it and address it; even if it is uncomfortable to do so.
  • Constant Respect for People: We assume positive intent from all of our associates and clients and inquire directly when we don’t understand one’s actions. We build relationships that last.
  • Continuous Improvement: We define our processes, measure results, learn, and improve to optimize Quality, Cost, and Delivery.

Medical Industry Focus

Sunrise’s focus is developing solutions to improve healthcare. We understand what it takes to commercialize innovations into medical devices. We constantly update our knowledge base by researching key technologies and regulatory change. Our knowledge base benefits all of our clients and helps to solve their challenges.  Our ISO13485 certified processes ensure that our work will comply with regulatory bodies worldwide.

Sunrise has proven commercialization expertise with devices and systems requiring custom electronics, software, and robust and safe systems engineering. Some specialities include medical imaging, point of care diagnostics, wireless connected wearables, cardiac assist and respiratory assist devices, robotic surgical tools, life sustaining fault-tolerant and fail-safe design, and drug delivery combination devices. From system architecture, to electronics, to packaging, to embedded code, to PC and mobile apps, to the cloud backend, our experience can help propel your product to market. 

Experienced Cross-Functional Team

Our 75+ and growing team of highly qualified engineers focuses daily on commercializing medical products. The constant flow of new design challenges allows us to continuously attract and retain top notch talent while keeping our knowledge of technologies up to date.

Our senior management and engineers are leaders in their fields and have a distinguished track record of bringing high quality and safe devices to market for clients like you. With backgrounds in electronics, software, mechanical and optical engineering, we look at each problem through a systems engineering lens. This enables us to innovate across disciplines to provide the best solution for our clients. Your project will benefit from a team that can hit the ground running.

Broad Set of Proven Services

Sunrise offers a broad set of Services that focus on solving your challenges across the full product lifecycle. From full product development (Concept to Launch) to subsystem development, we can help deliver clean sheet designs or design updates. We provide extensive engineering services from independent design reviews to electronics design, compliant software development, verification and software validation documentation and testing, design for manufacturing (DFM), transfer to manufacturing, and post launch design maintenance.

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Flexible and ISO 13485:2016 Certified Medical Product Development Process

Sunrise’s Quality Management System is designed from the bottom up to be nimble and allow the customization to integrate with your processes. Startups can rely completely on Sunrise’s ISO certified Design Controls. If you have an established quality system, you can count on Sunrise to supply compliant documents into your quality system.