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Experts Share Their Wearable Device Experience

Hear from experts on the front lines as they share their stories and discuss the current and future state of wearable medical devices.

At a very young age, entrepreneurs Paulo Zoio and John Wilcox learned that they would be facing a chronic disease for the rest of their lives. Growing up, Paulo needed hemodialysis three times a week and John monitored his insulin levels daily to treat his Type 1 diabetes. Their diagnosis and reliance on wearable medical devices have driven them to make a positive impact in improving patient experiences.

In this forum moderated by Adam Jacobs, CTO of Sunrise Labs, our speakers tell their stories on how they went from patients to entrepreneurs and their journeys in the development of wearable technology. 

Key takeaways include: 

  • The importance of patient-level thinking during development
  • How constant healthcare improves the daily lives of patients
  • The future of wearable technology

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Event Champion:

Adam Jacobs     Tim Stone      
Adam Jacobs     Tim Stone      
Sunrise Labs, Inc
    Business Development Manager
Sunrise Labs, Inc


John Wilcox     Paulo Zoio   Ronen Jashek  
John Wilcox
Co-Founder & CEO
    Paulo Zoio
PhD Student & CTO
  Ronen Jashek
Co-Founder, VP Marketing & BD
Diatech Diabetes, Inc     Technical University of Lisbon
& Zeevo-Smart Sensing
  Theranica Bio-Electronics Ltd.  

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