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Physician Entrepreneurs - Lessons from the Front Lines

Physicians & surgical entrepreneurs play an increasingly important role in medical device development. They have direct familiarity with clinical realities, unmet needs, the health delivery culture of their physician & surgical colleagues--and the patients. Some fulfill this role in parallel with their clinical career, while others have embraced a career in industry and venture career with great success.

This session is moderated by a seasoned executive active in Boston's MedTech innovation scene. You will hear from exceptional clinical entrepreneurs creating innovative products for unmet needs.

It brings together speakers from both career paths, with one serial physician entrepreneur providing a retrospective overview of lessons learned, and three surgeon founders of promising startups developing device-based solutions to support patients with respiratory failure, varicose veins, as well as spinal surgery.

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Informative, insightful founder stories:

  • Lessons learned from a serial physician entrepreneur - doing it more than once
  • Surgical navigation innovation that combines imagery, software, and, yes, iPhones
  • Novel treatments for patients in respiratory failure--a challenging area of medicine highlighted by COVID this past year
  • Developing improved treatment for varicose veins--advancing versatility, convenience, standardization, & safety all at once
Moderator:   Panelists:            
Gabriele-Brambilla-02.PNG   KellerHeadshot-2-300x300.jpeg   Lishan-Aklog-Photo_square-01.png   Enric-Roche-200.jpg   John-Profile-Picture_square.jpg
Gabriele Brambilla, MBA
Alira Health
  Steven Keller, MD, PhD
Asst. Professor of Medicine, Division of Pulmonary & Critical Care,
Johns Hopkins Hospital
X-COR Therapeutics, Inc
  Lishan Aklog, MD
Chairman & CEO
  Enric Roche, MD, PhD
Head,  Dept. Vascular Surgery,
Univ. Sagrat Cor & H. General de Cataluña
  John Dorman, MD
Boulder Neurosurgical
& Spine Associates

Bolt Surgical
Navigation System



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