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Embracing Human Factors & Usability

Practical Advice for Implementing a Usability Strategy in all Phases of the Lifecycle Process

Will your Innovative Product be considered 'Usable" by healthcare providers and their patients? If not,  you have significant risks for market acceptance, regulatory review, & product life cycle.
As medical devices mature and grow more capable they also become more complex, requiring a focus on usability aspects from both a user experience (UX) design, human factors engineering (HFE), and regulatory perspective. 


Key Topics:

  • Customizing a UX strategy 
  • Practical advice for getting started with Human Factors Engineering
  • How to effectively mitigate usability risks using Systems Engineering 
  • Tips for navigating FDA guidance

May 19, 2021: Embracing Human Factors And Usability for Medical Devices - FULL LENGTH from William Munger on Vimeo



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The essentials of usability for medical devices     Investing in Human Factors Engineering for your device       Systems engineering perspective on usability       Why you need a UX Strategy

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