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Designing & Developing a GUI

Top 5 Ways to Achieve Your Business Goals

Business outcomes are driven by user engagement, product adoption, and/or patient adherence to therapy. These metrics drive increased sales based on a great user or patient experience. GUI’s are the most likely area where there can be major misalignment for business goals: Marketability, Usability/Safety, and Technology Feasibility. 

Achieving these success metrics is a team sport and requires a diverse set of stakeholders who agree on a strategy and are following an integrated process. Alex Therrien, Director of User-Centered Design, and Jim Turner, Director of Software Development of Sunrise Labs share many of their best practices for achieving a smooth launch by having all team members aligned on building great user experiences for medical devices within a regulated industry.  


Oct 14, 2021 MDG Forum "Top 5 Ways to Achieve Your Business Goals When Designing and Developing a GUI" .m4v from William Munger on Vimeo.





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