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Creativity in Engineering Design:

Things I Was Never Taught in Engineering School

Engineering is an act of creation - a lot of folks get into this line of work explicitly because they want to create. In this webinar, speakers talk about the light bulb moments of lone inspiration, and the more practical group efforts. Attendees will learn ways to build creative teams, the tools used to bring creativity into a work environment, and how those tools have changed during COVID.

Topics Covered:

  • Eureka Moment myth / actuality
  • Team building - who do you want to work with
  • Defeating ‘writer's block’
  • Challenges and opportunities during COVID



Thomas Lopez
Sr. Mechanical Engineer
Boston Scientific
  Joe McCluskey
Program Manager,
Sunrise Labs
  Chuck Smith, PhD
Principal Engineer,
​Sunrise Labs
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Device Talks Tuesdays
About DeviceTalks Tuesdays:
To complement the series of regional DeviceTalks meetings, MassDevice created DeviceTalks Tuesdays, a scheduled, appointment-based opportunity to bring together the medtech leaders and visionaries that typically take the stage.