Leadership from Sunrise Labs discuss the strategies involved in bringing a product to market, and what should be considered before launching into formal product development
In this technically focused webinar, Nick Lesniewski-Laas addresses several of the most common risk areas, and what actions you can take to avoid derailment of your program
Panelists provide well informed guidance around the challenges of the complex and evolving threat of cybersecurity within the healthcare ecosystem
This webinar discusses the role of a Systems Engineer and describes the Systems Engineering proces
In a discussion moderated by Brian Johnson, Adam Jacobs and Alex Therrien share their experience designing medical devices meant for the home environment
In this MassMEDIC webinar; participants share strategies in navigating regulatory pathways and reimbursement barriers
In this Sunrise Labs sponsored webcast, speakers will talk about the light bulb moments of lone inspiration, and the more practical group efforts
This Sunrise Labs' sponsored interactive MDG Forum shares experiences and perspectives on developing a device for in-home use
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