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Blog: Dreams of a Common Engineering Database

Data Management Methods for Team Collaboration in a Shared Space.

Blog: Nordic’s New Bluetooth Security Vulnerability

What it means for Bluetooth-enabled medical devices

Blog: FDA Says: Take It Home!

Reduced regulatory barriers for remote monitoring devices during the COVID-19 crisis

Blog: Vulnerabilities - SweynTooth is Just the Beginning

Intro to “Bluetooth is not a Commodity” Series

Blog: Staying User-Centered in a Remote Landscape

The good news is that there are so many Human Factors activities that can still be done to keep your company moving forward.

Blog: Make the Most of Your Human Factors Usability Study

Human Factors (HF) usability studies often seem chaotic, unpredictable, and confusing, but they don’t have to be. Investing in a small amount of planning and keeping some guidelines in mind will make your experience better.

Blog: Three Key Areas of Growth in the Medical Device Market

The medical device industry is constantly evolving as changes in technology and the needs of patients drive the next generation of products that come to market.

Blog: Prototying Capabilities at Sunrise Labs

Once the brainstorming in the early phase of a project concludes, the race begins to show a prototype of the next cutting-edge medical device.