Services: Overview

Uncompromised integrity. The highest level of respect.

These are the two fundamental foundations of Sunrise Labs' success. By providing an environment of unparalleled integrity that encourages respect from within, the engineers at Sunrise can focus on delivering compelling solutions to the medical device, life science instrumentation, and connected health sectors. From concept to high volume manufacturing, to post-launch, Sunrise Labs has the capability and personnel to develop and support the entire lifecycle of their products. 

Sunrise Labs’ Software division balances both the community and client need with all aspects of the product’s end goal at the forefront of their design processes. The Electrical Engineering division maintains a concentrated focus on seamless integration. Structuring the approach, Sunrise Labs’ Systems Engineering division evolves the architecture to match the human factor. Simply put, Sunrise Labs employs the best people to get the job done. 

By putting the right people in the right places and incorporating integrity and respect into the equation, Sunrise Labs is creating great work by great people, and growing their reputation in the industry.