Product Lifecycle Support

The Need for Effective Product Lifecycle Support

Product launch is just the start of the product’s lifecycle. Market needs are dynamically changing. New requirements may result from changes in the supply chain (ex: part obsolescence), regulatory requirements (ex: RoHS), manufacturing enterprise and the end customer markets. Optimizing the performance of products already launched into the market is critical in meeting these needs. Products in the field also have very unique challenges compared to clean sheet designs. Any solution must limit the disruption to the product in the field requiring unique and innovative approaches.

Sunrise Enables Your Continued Success

Sunrise helps clients solve critical supply chain, regulatory, market, and technology issues for their products using rigorous analysis, advanced systems engineering techniques, and market knowledge. Clients are able to use this service for Sunrise developed products and non- Sunrise developed products even where the product documentation no longer exists. Sunrise has extensive experience in managing obsolescence and is often able to design a solution that addresses the obsolescence while also enabling future options for increased functionality.

Sunrise believes in long term relationships with our clients to help throughout the product lifecycle. As a testament of not only our commitment but also of our excellence in delivery, we have helped individual clients since 1992, enabling their transitions to new markets and technologies.