Engineering & Design

Core Capabilities

The rate of change for technology and market expectations in the medical and life sciences market will continue to accelerate, making it difficult for companies that do not continuously develop new products to stay current. With over 25 years' experience in medical product development, Sunrise's multidisciplinary engineering teams have exceptional expertise in a wide range of product development services to help design, develop, and deliver innovative solutions for products that improve our world.


Today, most devices need to be architected properly to work robustly under all conditions. Sunrise Labs uses a systems approach to the analysis and design of products. With experience in design, budget, risk balance, and optimizing performance, our technical leaders can work with your team to architect systems that will perform as required.


Sunrise software engineers enabled our clients to deploy devices that are part of a much larger ecosystem. We are experts in designing the appropriate architecture to meet your requirements. Our software team can also assist in technology decisions including choice of operating systems, processors, language and tools, algorithms, custom designs, and distribution of functionality across multiple platforms and solutions.


Sunrise's deep electronics background enables us to provide a diverse array of innovations. We use state-of-the-art engineering tools including libraries of proven circuits, algorithms, and code ready to help accelerate your product launch. Our electronics team is skilled in analog, digital, and mixed signal design, FPGAs, softcore processors, microprocessors, custom motor controllers, and wireless communications technologies.

Mechanical, Optical, Image Processing, and Fluidics

Successful product development often requires many disciplines working in tandem to design robust, reliable systems, while balancing business and technical needs. Sunrise brings decades of experience applying mechanical, optical, image processing and fluidic solutions to complex instrumentation and diagnostic device projects.