Transdermal Drug Delivery

Project Goals

Our client needed to re-design their product to a low cost, disposable transdermal drug delivery system to have higher output, yet use small coin cell batteries.

Sunrise Solution

  • Maximized battery performance using a highly efficient boost converter and power saving techniques
  • Developed new control algorithms in assembler to manage the hardware
  • Developed a modular approach for firmware implementation to streamline the changing product requirements during development
  • Complete FDA 820.30 documentation for combination device
  • Supported transfer to manufacturing, resolving a manufacturing hold with simple on-line testing saving hundreds of compromised w.i.p. (wrong parts used)
  • Supports manufacturing test fixture development and final functional test


  • New design with three times more power
  • Units stored engineering data for field trial analysis
  • Reduced cost of goods as proof of principle from over $8 to $3