Respiratory Therapy

Project Goals

Our client wanted to develop a patentable and easy to use device that would revolutionize hydration for respiratory equipment. We were asked to research, analyze, and design product to use enabling technology for new application.

Sunrise Solution

  • Managed complete product development of the class II medical device
  • Conducted user research within home and hospital environments to identify user needs and market opportunities
  • Invented techniques to control water vaporization with breakthrough technology using nested PID loops
  • Created ID concepts for the Hydrate controller and for the C-Force device
  • Created all electronic and mechanical drawings for manufacturing
  • Supported product through FDA process and manufacturing introduction
  • Developed electronics in disposable device to monitor use compliance


  • Unique remote vapor generator and sensor solved condensation and heat control problems
  • Technical breakthroughs were foundation of product
  • Patent issued
  • Received FDA clearance