POC Blood Analyzer

Project Goals

Sunrise was asked to create the electronics and software to control the POC (Point of Care) microfluidic disposable cassette and analyze optical sensor data to perform complex laboratory-quality assays in minutes with untrained operators.

Sunrise Solution

  • Managed electronics and software development
  • Created an architecture that could serve as a valuable research tool as well as a product for clinical use
  • Provided the Industrial Design team with quick turn-around of high-fidelity implementations of all-important usability tested user interface
  • Worked with Claros to develop effective control and analysis algorithms with efficient implementation
  • Supported product through internal and contract manufacturing as well as FDA and CE-Mark processes


  • Met Claros business and technical objectives
  • Architecture, electronics, and software completed in six months to meet business objectives
  • Created a flexible development platform enabling future menu expansion for a family of diagnostic products
  • CE Mark received; ClarosDX acquired by OPKO Health, Inc. in 2011