SpotOn™ Virtual Smart Fence

Project Goals

OnPoint Systems engaged Sunrise Labs to design and develop the electronics and firmware for a new GPS based wireless dog containment system, called SpotOn™.  The system revolutionizes pet containment by eliminating the need for on site-based infrastructures such as underground wires or base stations, enforcing accurate and complex confinement areas simply by walking the perimeter with the SpotOn™ pet collar in training mode. It also allows accurate remote tracking of the pet virtually anywhere there is GPS and cell phone coverage! 

SpotOn™ integrates with three global navigation satellite network (GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo) Inertial sensors to determine position to within ten feet; GSM (cell phone modem) to communicate position to the master; and Bluetooth radios and cell phone app to configure the system. The system provides repeatability, accuracy and reliability of the position estimation system to ensure that the confinement area is defined and stable. 

Sunrise Labs Solution

  • Key development challenges included integrating multiple radios and a hi-voltage correction circuit, all of which cannot interfere with each other, into a very small, light and inexpensive collar that fits around a pet’s neck
  • Collaborated to develop an algorithm that tracks a subject using satellite positioning data. The antenna was designed to rest at the back of the neck so that it faced the sky; optimizing communication with satellites
  • The Sunrise team also had to develop and apply creative power management techniques to extend the battery life
  • The device connects to an app for ease of set up and monitoring


A product that meets client’s business and technical needs, by reliably tracking a pet within a containment area and showing real time locations through use of the collar and the client’s cell phone application.  Patent issued on key algorithm for tracking the subject (pet) with satellite positioning data. Product launch and production ramp up January 2019 and in October, named the NH Tech Alliance 2019 Product of the Year.

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