Video Otoscope and Digital Scanner

Project Goals

Lantos Technologies, Inc was in the process of developing the AURA 3D Ear Scanner, a video otoscope and digital scanner for InVivo 3D topography. Fitting for in-ear devices can be difficult due to the uniqueness of individual ears. Lantos’ product scans individual ears to generate 3D images that are used to create personalized in-ear devices. Sunrise Labs’ expertise was leveraged by Lantos to further improve the digital scanner’s accuracy of 3D ear measurement.

Sunrise Labs Solution

  • Performed system and sensitivity analyses to increase the accuracy of the measurements being recorded
  • Updated the optical system, calibration and image processing procedures, circuit design, patient isolation and safety design, EMI approach, gigabit ethernet design, cabling, and interconnections, assisting with final assembly to address reliability issues


Sunrise Labs’ unique systems-based approach and 25+ years of electronics design experience enabled Lantos to optimize the performance of the existing device, which was successfully launched.

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