Tear Science LipiView II

Project Goals

Dry-Eye can be detected by using white-light inferometry to measure the thickness of the tear-film on the eye.  Since the tear-film thickness is represented as a spectrum of colors, the iris must be digitally removed from the real-time image capture to succeed in analyzing only the colors related to the tear-film.


Medical System for detecting and grading Evaporative Dry Eye Treatment. The Ocular Surface Interferometer is an office-based system that includes a camera and zoom lens, illuminator and a touchscreen GUI display. It operates on the principle of white light interferometry and provides an interferometric color assessment of the tear film by specular reflection. Captures Lossless Full-Motion Video of the eye

•Developed Inferometry Analysis Algorithms
•Patented lipid layer isolation and analysis techniques
•Intuitive GUI Touchscreen / Display
•Windows® XP Embedded OS
•Optional Joystick accessory (Auto-Detected)
•Comprehensive digital phantoms for FDA verification and validation


•13485 & 62304 - FDA Cleared
•Award Winning GUI
•Compelling visuals and video captures provide an opportunity to educate patients about their personal ocular health

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