Squeeze Meter

Project Goals

Sunrise Labs has extensive knowledge and experience with wireless technologies. Sunrise's demonstration device, the Squeeze Meter, is a handheld, Bluetooth enabled device that measures a user's hand squeeze force, and transmits the data to a smartphone application. The app connects to a database that stores transactions and data. A browser-based internet interface allows clinicians and device manufacturers to use the data on a broad range of platforms. Real-time data capture and data storage allows users to track performance over time. The Squeeze Meter is an example of a connected device that enables medical and device information to be consolidated and accessed via the internet.

Sunrise Labs Solution

Today's connected devices are systems, and must be architected to work robustly under a wide range of conditions. Sunrise Labs' mechanical, electronics, and software teams collaborated to define the right top-level system architecture requirements to achieve optimal device performance.

For maximum reliability and an ergonomic feel, Sunrise uses a 3D printer to create the stainless steel bottom housing. This stiff metal housing provides minimal deflection for internal components against a user's squeeze force. This reduced stress and flexure in the printed circuit board. The clear top was added to highlight the intricate electronics assembly, a core Sunrise area of expertise. Force compression sensors are placed between the top and bottom covers to collect squeeze force data. The Squeeze Meter utilizes a Nordic BLE System-on-Chip (SOC) for processor control and connectivity. To achieve an aesthetic, ergonomic user experience, the design was informed by the shape, weight, and feel of a smooth riverstone.

To save power and reduce component count for the Squeeze Meter, the design features a small, powerful, and highly accurate RF signal, powered by a standard coin cell battery. To further reduce power consumption, the unit is put into 'sleep mode' after a period of inactivity.

The Squeeze Meter utilizes Bluetooth profiles to establish multi-unit device bonding over a secure communication protocol. The application runs on iOS and Android platforms and are capable of running on or offline. Cell phones or tablets provide connections to the web server. The web server handles device transactions, manages the database and creates a web-based portal to use and manage the data.


The Squeeze Meter boasts a connected, portable, ergonomic design as an example of a device to provide clinicians and patients as a way to conveniently monitor a physiological parameter over time.

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