Squeeze Meter

Project Goals

Create a Bluetooth enabled handheld device that measures a user's hand squeeze force, that provides clinicians and patients a way to conveniently monitor a physiological parameter over time.

  • Developed iOS and Android smartphone apps, connected to a webserver to handle transactions, manage the database and provide a browser based interface The excitation adjusts continuously, tracking the changing resonance
  • Real-time data capture and data storage allows users to track performance over time
  • Small, Powerful, Highly accurate RF signal powered by a standard coin cell battery with ‘Sleep mode’ to further reduce power consumption
  • 3D Printed Stainless Steel Housing providing minimal deflection of internal components
  • Force Compression sensors to collect squeeze force data
  • Nordic Bluetooth LE System-on-Chip for processor control and connectivity for multi-unit device bonding over a secure communication protocol
  • A connected, portable, ergonomic and convenient design.

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