PrO2Fit Training & Measurement Device

Project Goals

An active lifestyle is limited by how far we can push ourselves before we get out of breath.  Pre-pandemic, one in 13 people had a respiratory health diagnosis yet there is no "bathroom scale"  to measure the limits of our respiratory endurance.   We also have no simple way to measure and rapidly improve our respiratory endurance (VO2Max) for prehabilitation, rehabilitation or improved performance in sports.


  • Pro02Fit is a cloud based mobile inspiratory muscle measurement and training device with patented single breath endurance measurement. Online results aid user adherence and secure data is only visible to user and designated health-care providers. 
  • Device Development - 13485 / 62304 
  • Muti-platform Single App Development (iOS + Android + MS Windows
  • Client Web Portal Development
  • Amazon Cloud technology with failover and redundancy 
  • BLE Connected device
  • EE/Firmware: MutiPlatform Deployment:  Dialog DA14681/14683/145XX, Nordic nRF52832


  • Released into consumer healthcare market
  • FDA Cleared -  Class II Exempt for calibrated metric device

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