Medrobotics Flex Robotic System

Project Goals

The Flex robot gives physicians the ability to access anatomical locations that were previously difficult or impossible to reach with minimally invasive techniques. The system also includes on-board HD visualization for a clear view of the surgical site. Most importantly, it expands access to the option of minimally invasive procedures and reduces post-operative recovery time.  Designed to be affordable and efficient for accessibility to hospitals


  • Custom Hardware Platform
  • Camera & Video Display Hardware
  • Embedded & Custom GUI Software
  • Uncompressed Video Decode Software


  • Simultaneously Delivers low-latency video to 3 displays at 3 different resolutions
  • Fiber-optic link with hardware image-sequence tagging ensures patient safety (dropped-frame detection)
  • Custom GUI drives multi-axis motion
  • ​FDA Cleared

Check out the Robotic Surgery case study
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