Image Guided Surgery/Intraoperative MRI:

Led project to combine the power of intra operative imaging with image guided surgical instrumentation to allow intra cranial navigation with images refreshed during surgery.

Multi-Dimensional Surgical Imaging Platform: 

Managed the regulatory registration, pilot build, transfer to manufacturing, and commercial release of a multi-dimensional surgical imaging platform. Led the development of software feature releases.

Point of Care Digital Fluorescence Imaging Device: 

Managed a globally distributed engineering team which developed electro-mechanics, optics and imaging, embedded software, and a biochip medical disposable.

Dental Imaging Device:

Designed X-Ray sensors, swing arm X-Ray emitters, panoramic X-Ray devices, intra-oral video cameras, and related consumables.

Biotech Imaging Device:

Chemiluminescence and fluorescence imagers.

Patient Positioning System for Radiation Oncology: 

Utilized mobile CT and an optical positioning system to precisely position a patient’s target anatomy at the isocenter of the delivered beam for radiation oncology.

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