Diabetes Management


Continuous Glucose Monitoring Device:

Developed use-cases, architecture, activity diagrams, and state charts for the lifecycle of a wearable continuous glucose monitoring device, from the earliest stages of production, though implantation, and patient use. Sunrise continues to support this client through clinical deployment.


Hospital Blood Glucose Meter System:

Developed a hand held meter with ergonomic keypad, barcode reader, and integrated data management. System included meter, carry case for supplies, and drop and go docking station. Meter downloaded results and recharged batteries when docked.

Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGMS):

Developed a proof of concept device for interstitial fluid based CGMS comprised of a disposable sensor head and wearable meter.

Transdermal Continuous Glucose Monitor System:

Planned and organized product development for a transdermal monitoring system designed to provide continuous glucose monitoring in the hospitalized patient. Led the product development support of multi-site clinical trials of the monitoring system.

SMBG System:

Led self-monitoring blood glucose meter development team. Responsible for managing and driving concept to commercial launch, including clinical testing and regulatory submission of self-monitoring blood glucose specifically for the Japanese market.

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