Communications Gateway

Project Goals

Our client’s custom serial Communications Gateway board, a critical sub-system in the aircraft-based communications server, was not working properly. They needed a reliable, real-time voice and data communications system using the global network of iridium satellites to maintain voice and data links between cockpit crews, ground systems and dispatchers anywhere in the world and to provide airlines with an affordable solution to improve the efficiency of operating their aircraft fleets. Sunrise Labs was engaged to design a new aircraft-based communications server to handle voice, data, and monitor specific aircraft systems.

Sunrise Labs Solution

  • Coordinated with client team and several other independent teams to complete the system design and development
  • Analyzed and redesigned the Communications Gateway board , minimizing component changes and reprogramming the Field-Programmable Gate Array
  • Custom serial Communications Gateway board had to function as a bridge between the PCI bus and other serial communications buses on the aircraft, including critical safety communications
  • Designed, implemented, verified and tested a new printed circuit board layout to match specifications and address layout errors, signal integrity, PCI bus requirements and data transfer clock issues
  • Refined system power supplies and I/O protection to meet reliability requirements


Serial Communications Gateway board working in time to meet product development cycle

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