Life Sustaining Pump:

Designed a next-generation pump and controller for an artificial heart. Sunrise developed the fault tolerant system architecture, mechanics, electronics, firmware and GUI.  Design history file included System and Software requirements, Architecture, Hazards Analysis, FMEAs, and design documents.   led Agile sprint planning activities, provided technical guidance, and performed design and code reviews. Invented redundant fail-safe mechanisms, including a real-time communication among five distributed safety and control processors. The Sunrise mechanical and electrical teams designed a low friction pump with integral motor, custom seals, and controls that generated arbitrary pressure waveforms for 100+ Million cycles without oil or maintenance.


Class III Device System Update:

Developed a novel method to construct a USB based system reprogramming methodology. Process included elements of code within QNX application and boot scripts, firmware for multiple processors and linerboard communications (6 embedded boards).

Pacemaker Signal Processing:

Developed methods and systems for pacemaker signal processing for infarct detection and pacing methods for cardiac rate reduction.

Patient Monitoring:

Development of hospital patient multi-function monitor family.