User-Centered by Design Podcast Series

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How can you leverage a User-Centered Design mindset in your product development efforts? We are excited to share our expertise on how to remain User-Centered when approaching medical product design. Don’t miss the all-new podcast, 'User Centered by Design', hosted by Sunrise Labs! Our first episode will launch January 7th, 2021.

In this podcast series, our UCD Team talks about challenges you might face when creating a smooth user experience in MedTech. Hear our experts discuss topics related to systems level thinking, UX/UI Design, Human Factors Engineering, Industrial Design, and more. 
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Key Contributors:

Alex Therrien, Director of UCD

Alex Therrien
Director of User-Centered Design
Kelly Catale, Principal Human Factors Engineer

Kelly Catale
Principal Human Factors Engineer
Nicole Kelley

Nicole Kelley
UX/UI Designer