New Scrum Masters

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As part of the Sunrise Labs culture, our biggest asset is our people. As part of Sunrise Labs' commitment to continuous improvement, our project leaders go the extra mile to improve quality and delivery which therefore improves cost to our clients. We love what we do, we stay current, and our team is passionate about applying technology to improve lives. Scrum is a methodology that allows a team to self-organize and make changes quickly, in accordance with agile principles. A Scrum Master is the facilitator for an agile development team who manages the process for how information is exchanged.

Sunrise Labs is proud to announce two more employees have completed Scrum Master training. Using Scrum as part of our Quality Management Systems allows Sunrise to involve our clients in the development process and deliver incremental progress to them at each sprint, instead of one big delivery after months of development. 

Our new Scrum Masters, Megan Bredes and Nicholas Sitar gained a better understanding of Agile Methods and the rules and recommendations for how we get from requirements to effective products.

"What I learned, as a person very new to the industry, was an in-depth explanation of the Agile process and I'm now able to bring it back to Sunrise and better apply it to projects and various internal tasks.", says Nicholas Sitar.

2022 Scrum Masters

Megan Bredes with Certificate   Nicholas Sitar holding certificate    
Megan Bredes, Engineer III    Nick Sitar, Engineer I    

2020 Scrum Masters


2019 Scrum Masters

Two females and one male holding certificates   Two men holding certificates
Jonathan Rosse, Principal Software Engineer
Roger Blanchette, Principal Software Engineer
Christine Nason, Program Manager
Spencer Zawasky, Quality Manager
Jillian Urban, Senior Test Manager
  Two males nad one female smiling
Joe McCluskey, Program Manager
Phil Palmer, Program Manager
Trisha Bouthot, Director of Quality & Test