NH Workplace Racial Equity Learning Challenge

Presented by New Hampshire Businesses for Social Responsibility with support from the Diversity Workforce Coalition
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Sunrise Labs honors the worth and dignity of every human being, which is a fundamental principle of our government and communities. Therefore, we reaffirm Racial Equity and acknowledge that racism must be actively confronted and eliminated for there to be equality, peace, and justice in our country and the world.

We are excited to share that Sunrise is supporting NH Businesses for Social Responsibility's Workplace Racial Equity Learning Challenge which starts on June 2nd. We are sharing the opportunity to register and share the opportunity with others in your communities and networks.  We appreciate you thoughtfully sharing and engaging in this opportunity to take action for moving racial equity forward. For more information and to register, visit: www.nhbsr.org/equity.  

You will receive a wide range of resources, with the intention of creating value wherever you are in your learning journey. You can do it at your own pace. An email will be sent daily during the workweek and you can skim, skip or do a deep dive as you see fit. You can also come back to them in the future. This program is flexible. There will be weekly discussions on Friday at noon that are completely optional, and can just be listened to or explored independently.

The program is free to participate, thanks to the combined support of:

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