Top 3 Testing Tips for Successful Verification

MassMEDIC Webinar
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June 16, 2021 4 pm EDT

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In medical device development, a good Quality Assurance Process is critical to ensuring that the device is safe and meets requirements.  Having a Quality Assurance Team experienced in verification strategy, protocol development and execution will increase product quality, and mitigate project risk; saving time and additional costs associated with program delays.

A partnership between Quality Assurance and Development is essential to achieving high value out of the verification effort.  This session will include strategies you can employ to reduce friction in the verification effort and to help mitigate any impact on cost and schedule. 

Trisha Bouthot, Director of Quality and Test, Dave Hibbard, Director of Programs, both of Sunrise Labs, will share key tips from their experience in product verification efforts. 

Attendees will learn:

  • Best practices in development and execution of verification plans and protocols
  • Tailoring verification plans based on project needs, risk profile and regulatory strategy 
  • Strategies to help mitigate schedule impact and risks when verification start is delayed 
  • The benefits to planning for verification early in a project 
  • Implementation of Agile methodologies with continuous code review/integration testing


Trisha Bouthot   David Hibbard
Trisha Bouthot   Dave Hibbard
Director of Quality & Test   Director of Programs
Sunrise Labs, Inc   Sunrise Labs, Inc