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Events: Embracing Human Factors & Usability for Medical Devices

Practical Advice For Implementing a Usability Strategy in all Phases of the Lifecycle Process Read More >

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News: TFMoran Landscape Architects design Outdoor Space for Sunrise Labs

TFMoran’s team of landscape architects worked closely with Sunrise Labs, Property Manager Riley Enterprises, and contractor JET Concrete of New Ipswich to get the new patio in place by the fall of 2020, so that the employees of Sunrise Labs could begin to enjoy their new outdoor space as soon as possible. Read More >

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Podcast: Let's Make an App

This is the first of a two-episode series focusing on what to think about when making an app. In this episode, we discuss how strategy and project scope can be used as the foundation of a logic structure in developing an app. Read More >

News: Sunrise Labs Taps the Sun

Harnessing the power of the sun, Sunrise Labs in Bedford celebrated the commissioning of a new solar system on Wednesday.

News: SEE Welcomes First Sunrise Labs Aspire Intern

The SEE Science Center is pleased to announce a new partnership with Bedford-based Sunrise Labs, Inc.

Blog: Dreams of a Common Engineering Database

Data Management Methods for Team Collaboration in a Shared Space.

Podcast: Integrating Agile and User Centered Design in Medical Device Development

A Conversation with Dave Hibbard, Director of Programs at Sunrise Labs, on Agile Development

Podcast: Continuous Integration and Automated Testing: When, Why, and How

Developing and testing medical device software is complex, and takes a multi-disciplinary team to architect, design, implement and test . Build quality and test execution is of utmost importance. From this technically focused podcast you will learn about development tools and methods that can be used to ensure that team members work efficiently and effectively.

Podcast: What is User Centered Design; Why Does it Work?

In this next episode, we define User-Centered Design, including the three major disciplines in a UCD team: UX / UI Design, Industrial Design, and Human Factors Engineering. We discuss how a combined structure like this can help organizations be more effective with a holistic approach to the user experience of your product.

News: Sunrise Labs Recognizes Rich Thomas

Sunrise Labs, a leading provider of product development solutions to medical device OEM’s, recognized one of its longest tenured employees, Rich Thomas, in celebrating his 25 year anniversary with the company.

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