User-Centered Design

Design anchored in a deep understanding of the end user
Sunrise Labs combines empathy building research techniques with creative problem solving to shape holistic user experiences. Our deep cross functional knowledge ensures that exciting product concepts stay compelling as they move towards manufactured goods. 

As medical device specialists, we deliver rigorous human factors research and documentation that effectively communicates how your device manages use related risk to meet regulatory usability requirements.

Our integrated team of designers and human factors engineers deliver breakthrough medical device experiences by:
  • Conducting generative research, capturing the current user experiences and environments that influence your users and their behavior 
  • Synthesizing actionable insights that extend your internal knowledge of your users
  • Mapping the end to end experience to build broad empathy for the user’s journey and to identify key impact points for the project 
  • Aligning team and stakeholder expectations through design thinking exercises to map out the project, the product strategy, and potential program risks for prioritized early experimentation and concept prototyping
  • Designing holistic user experiences with a bias towards prototypes, ensuring that concepts and product vision stay aligned
  • Collaborating with our cross functional team members to ensure the product continues to meet user needs and is still manufacturable
  • Analyzing the use related risks and providing requirement driven design mitigations
  • Testing the usability of the device or system in iterative formative studies
  • Revising the device design to mitigate new risks or to replace failed mitigations
  • Validating the usability of your medical device with test methodology that meets the rigor necessary for regulatory approval
  • Documenting the full contents of your medical device’s usability engineering file to ensure a confident regulatory submission