Systems Engineering

Powered by exceptionally experienced and creative design engineers

More and more medical devices work within an existing infrastructure and must connect to other systems. With deep expertise in architecting life-support and critical systems that require fail-safe or fault-tolerant operation, our systems engineers design systems that work. Sunrise Labs' expansive portfolio, ranging from wearable Bluetooth devices to life support systems, demonstrates our capability to solve your complex systems challenges. 

Our systems engineers, each with over 20 years of product development experience: 

  • Analyze user needs, product requirements, technical risks and business needs
  • Architect systems that work 
  • Define safety systems, system, and subsystem related designs
  • Design systems with a user experience (UX) perspective
  • Understand essential performance requirements of the system and how to achieve them
  • Arbitrate technical trade-offs to support the decision for best outcomes
  • Identify and manage technical risks, including patient risks
  • Perform technology readiness reviews or risk assessments

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