Software Engineering

‘Full-stack’ design and implementation from embedded controllers, to mobile apps, to cloud back-ends
At Sunrise Labs, our in-house experts cover the ‘full-stack’ and architect across the stack to customize a solution to meet your needs for functionality, maintainability, and compliance throughout your product’s lifecycle. Most of our programs follow Agile methodology; all programs comply with ISO 62304 and ISO 62366.

Our experts:

  • Decompose complex problems into solutions, and systems into modules
  • Define software requirements, architecture, and detailed design
  • Segregate modules based on risk, and assign appropriate software safety classification
  • Drive technology decisions for operating systems, processors, languages and tools
  • Design architectures to distribute functionality across processors and platforms
  • Implement embedded, application, mobile, and cloud back-end solutions
  • Apply advanced algorithms, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to your data
  • Use test driven methodology with Agile development to ensure quality


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