Optical Engineering

​We control, compensate, and adapt to the variability that comes with real-life optical systems

The accuracy, performance, and reliability of medical imaging systems can be matters of life and death and their creation and production require a rigor unlike that needed for many other medical devices. Reliable detection often requires attention to many secondary effects that can reduce accuracy. At Sunrise Labs, we design and build — and at times rescue —medical imaging systems. Our engineers with decades of experience, develop complex, highly sensitive and low noise optical systems.

We deliver highly reliable imaging systems by:

  • Designing with a “whole systems” approach to deliver the highest performance in these critical systems that support a range of vital purposes such as in-vitro diagnostics and image classification
  • Developing optical system, sensors, detectors, imaging systems, illuminators, calibration methods, optical filtering, complex lenses, packaging and optical modeling
  • Building high-performance machine-based imaging systems that deliver accurate and repeatable results over time and across instruments
  • Assessing performance using rigorous error analysis and quantification of the error contributors across the entire system
  • Optimizing your system based on the intimate relationship between a front-end optical system and the signal processing/classification back-end

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