Mechanical Engineering

Innovative design solutions for the most demanding medical systems

At Sunrise Labs, our mechanical engineers are creative and competent. Our deep understanding of first principles allows us to invent, refine, and ship designs that work while optimizing for the business and physical constraints unique to each product. Our team has solved a vast range of design challenges for automation, diagnostics, wearables, life support systems, and high volume disposables.

We balance engineering with design by:

  • Developing products from initial concept and Industrial Design (ID) through product development and transfer to manufacturing
  • Performing engineering analysis to ensure DFMA, safety, and durability
  • Working through trade-offs between electronics and mechanical designs, while considering thermal, shock, vibration, and other issues
  • Ensuring the product functions reliably, can be well manufactured, and meet all assembly, serviceability, and testability requirements
  • Utilizing well-established in-house tools including Solidworks, PDM, simulation tools, 3D printing, and prototype machine shop
  • Leveraging a strong network of local fabrication firms and suppliers
  • Reviewing progress and objectives at every design review, both with the customer and contract manufacturer