Electrical Engineering

The electrical engineering knowledge you need to develop your new product

Sunrise Labs' electrical engineers solve design challenges by applying creativity, experience, and strong fundamentals. We design solutions for a broad range of medical devices, from small wearable IoT sensors to electro-mechanical life support systems. We have a collaborative atmosphere where engineers help each other with challenging problems - as a result, your product is effectively designed by a whole team of experts.

Sunrise Labs will do what it takes to make your product a success by:

  • Taking a top-down systems approach to understand user and business needs, predicate products, and product requirements
  • Designing fully custom electronics systems and subsystems using state-of-the-art engineering tools and libraries of proven circuits, algorithms, and code ready to help accelerate your product launch
  • Applying our in-house skills in analog, digital, and mixed signal design, FPGAs, softcore processors, microprocessors, custom motor controllers, and wireless communications technologies

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