Electrical Engineering

The electrical engineering knowledge you need to develop your new product

Sunrise Labs' electrical engineers solve a broad range of design challenges by applying creativity, experience, and strong fundamentals. We design solutions for a broad range of medical devices, from small wearable IoT sensors to electro-mechanical life support systems. We have a collaborative atmosphere where engineers help each other with challenging problems - as a result, your product is effectively designed by a whole team of experts.

Sunrise Labs will do what it takes to make your product a success by:

  • Taking a top-down systems approach to understand user and business needs, predicate products, and product requirements
  • Designing fully custom electronics systems and subsystems using state-of-the-art engineering tools and libraries of proven circuits, algorithms, and code ready to help accelerate your product launch
  • Applying our in-house skills in analog, digital, and mixed signal design, FPGAs, softcore processors, microprocessors, custom motor controllers, and wireless communications technologies

Listen to Rich Thomas, Program Manager & Principal Engineer, talk about the evolution of the Medical Electronic Expertise at Sunrise Labs: