DI of the Storm "powered by Sunrise Labs"

Bedford High School’s Destination Imagination team, DI of the Storm, helped spearhead the citizen-led petitioned warrant article aimed at getting rid of styrofoam lunch trays.

Sunrise sponsored the 'DI of the Storm' team that recently qualified to advance to compete with the top Destination Imagination teams from 48 states and over 15 countries. As part of the Service Learning Challenge, Inside Impact, these 7 high school students were instrumental in getting Styrofoam trays replaced in the Bedford School District lunch rooms. They were among more than 8,000 of the world’s most innovative students at Destination Imagination Global Finals!

'We are DI of the Storm, and when we immersed ourselves into our Service Learning Challenge we had no idea how much we would impact our community and ourselves. We as Bedford students could not believe that the schools were still serving lunch on styrofoam trays. Other groups had already tried and were unsuccessful in making the change, but the Inside Impact challenge gave us the initiative to educate our community and take action. After months of advocating, one of our community partners was spurred by our call to action and wrote a warrant article that would allow Bedford citizens to vote on whether they wanted to replace styrofoam with paper-based trays in our schools. Thrilled, we immediately stepped up and began speaking at town meetings, writing letters to newspapers, spreading flyers and posters, blasting social media, and championing the warrant article in any way we could. Finally, after standing out in a driving blizzard with signs plastered with VOTE YES on election day, our community voted down styrofoam trays. However, our impact doesn’t end in Bedford. Since our triumph with the warrant article, students from districts across the state have reached out and asked our team to share our story. We were also honored with a rarely given Torch Bearer Award at DI States for “a project that had extraordinary impact in and beyond the local community”. And, we were just nominated for consideration of an EPA merit award. Through bettering our own community, we inspired others to continue the fight against styrofoam. Our team grew tremendously from the experience, worked hard, and proved how much of an impact young voices can have in a world hungry for change.'