Sunrise Labs Successfully Completes ISO Surveillance Audit

Auburn, New Hampshire -- March 28th, 2017 -- Sunrise Labs, Inc., an ISO-13485 certified product development firm in Auburn, New Hampshire, is proud to announce that it has successfully completed its annual ISO surveillance audit, with no adverse observations or findings.

The audit was performed at Sunrise Labs' facility in Auburn, New Hampshire, by an Intertek auditor. Throughout the intensive two-day audit, the company's Quality System procedures and practices were thoroughly assessed. The auditor evaluated Sunrise Labs' procedures related to management responsibilities, product development, document controls to management responsibilities, purchasing and supplier controls, training, corrective and preventative action, and calibration and maintenance.

"The excellent audit outcome demonstrates that the Sunrise Labs' team understands the important of an efficient, compliant Quality System," said Kathie Breen, Director of Quality, Sunrise Labs, Inc. "Our extensive experience in architecting and implementing solutions for complex medical products, guided by our robust quality process, instills client confidence."

"I'm proud of our team for embracing our culture of continuous improvement as demonstrated by the flawless outcome of this audit," said Eric Soederberg, President, Sunrise Labs, Inc.

Quality audits are completed annually to ensure compliance to the 13485 and 9001 ISO standards.