Sunrise Labs Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Since 1992, Sunrise Labs has been driven to fulfill its promise to provide clients innovative development solutions.

Auburn, New Hampshire -- February 1st, 2017 -- Sunrise Labs celebrates 25 years as a trusted product development partner, innovating and realizing smart products for clients - products that improve our world. Today developing medical devices, combination products, and life science instrumentation, Sunrise Labs continues a tradition of excellence.

Since 1992, Sunrise Labs has been driven to fulfill its promise to provide clients innovative development solutions. Founder Drew Sunstein says, "I like good design. But I saw so many products on the market that just shouldn't have been there. So, I started the company to design products that work and succeed by every measure. I saw an ongoing need, even with substantial business cycles and changing markets, for smart engineers, working as a team, to make things happen. Today, I am proud to say that Sunrise is better than ever, applying top-notch engineering to tough problems, making products that work. And seeing several years of Eric Soederberg's leadership, I'm sure this tradition will continue."

Sunrise Labs offers clients flexible services to support their medical device product development efforts from complete product development and full product lifecycle support to engineering consulting. The depth and breadth of Sunrise's in-house engineering skills remains a key differentiator. Sunrise boasts deep experience in software, electronics, and packaging spanning portable, wireless, and battery powered devices connected to mobile phones, to life sustaining therapeutic devices and complex diagnostic instruments with inutitive user interfaces.

New service offerings such as cybersecurity analyses and mitigations, device miniaturization, and cloud databases and applications enable Sunrise clients to rapidly launch state-of-the-art devices that comply with the latest FDA regulations. The company employs over fifty systems, software, electrical, and mechanical engineers with decades of experience developing FDA regulated medical devices and consumables.

"As the demand for our services continues to grow, we are rising to the challenge by hiring more passionate engineers, optimizing our engineering and project management processes, and practicing with the latest technologies," said Eric Soederberg, President of Sunrise Labs. "Our move this Spring to an expanded, completely custom renovated office space in Bedford, New Hampshire will allow Sunrise to continue to attract outstanding engineers and enhance collaboration with our clients and partners."

Sunrise proudly serves the New Hampshire and Greater Boston community through volunteer time and monetary donations. To date, the company's annual charity golf event, FORE the CURE, has raised over $22,000 for Joslin Diabetes Center. Sunrise is also an active members in Boston's medtech community through their sponsorship with MDG Boston and MassMedic.