Eric Soederberg facilitates 'Practical Approaches to Cybersecurity' panel

at the mHealth for Medical Device Manufacturers on February 4th, 2016

Mobile apps and connected technologies are changing the way that medical information and services are acquired, processed, conveyed, and implemented. New products, emerging not only from the traditional medical device industry, but from the consumer electronics, telecommunications, and other fields, represent different methods of product development, changing patient and provider engagement, novel safety and privacy concerns, and disruptive business models.

This conference is specifically aimed at medical device manufacturers currently active in or planning to enter mHealth product development and who wrestle with the applicable vague yet complex and evolving regulatory expectations, reimbursement and business models, cybersecurity concerns, and product development methods.

Through presentations, cases studies, and highly interactive panel discussions, senior-level experts from government, industry, and the consulting world will share experiences, best practices, and thoughts on the near future of this rapidly evolving field.

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