DDP 2017 - What's In Store for Drug Delivery Innovation?

A recap of DDP discussing device strategies to improve patient outcomes and understanding user needs.

Joe Civiello, Account Executive at Sunrise Labs, provides a recap of the 22nd annual Drug Delivery Partnerships conference and popular topics of discussion.

Renowned as one of the world's most authoritative conferences on drug deliery technology and innovation, I was fortunate to attend the 22nd annual Drug Delivery Partnerships (DDP) conference from February 7th to February 9th in Florida.

As a first time attendee, I thought it was an excellent conference that upheld its promise to provide pertinent information and focused tracks on drug delivery innovation. A popular track topic during the sessions and among attendee discussions in general, was strategies to enhance patient outcomes and recognizing that device design needs to start with understanding user needs.

Other topics included device strategies to drive R&D productivity, drug delivery evolution, and global device trends to name a few. Additionally, the topic of data and its impact on drug delivery offered insights into looking at devices such as wearable data trackers with opportunities to improve upon user adoption by viewing them more as a clinical imperative than an athletic option. There is the potential for a wealth of patient data collection, storage, and sharing for drug delivery companies to use to improve patient outcomes.

Concluding panel discussions at DDP included promoting open innovation amongst companies and increasing transparency within development partnerships. There was a call to think less about IP protection if it causes a barrier to moving forward when thinking about what a user requires and what's important to them.
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