Free MassMEDIC Webinar: Systems Engineering for Medical Device Development

Nicholas Lesniewski-Laas, Director of Electrical Engineering presented this free webinar hosted by MassMEDIC

Todays medical devices are redefining the standard of care by improving medical outcomes and patient experiences, thanks to technical innovations in product integration and connectivity. Users demand ergonomic, intuitive user interfaces, and increasingly expect their medical devices to seamlessly integrate into their personal suite of connected electronics. These demands drive up the complexity of medical devices, requiring multi-disciplinary development programs that delicately balance user needs with key business objectives. As medical devices become more complex, branching across multiple engineering disciplines, medical device manufacturers increasingly turn to Systems Engineering to guide product development.

This webinar demonstrates how Systems Engineering contributes to success in complex medical device development, by discussing the role of a Systems Engineer and describing the Systems Engineering process. Additionally, this webinar covers the benefits of applying Systems Engineering processes and techniques on project outcomes, including:

  • Project budget and schedule predictability
  • Product performance
  • Medical device design control conformance

Nicholas is an accomplished product designer in the fields of medical devices, robotics, wearables, microfluidics, and semiconductor manufacturing tools. As one of the first members of the Advanced Technology Team at the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University, Nicholas translated academic research projects into usable products, resulting in a medical device startup and multimillion dollar license deals with large multinational corporations. Nicholas holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Systems Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

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