Review: AdvaMed 2016 - The MedTech Conference

Sunrise Labs attends 10th annual conference and discusses the industry's hottest topics

The 10th annual AdvaMed MedTech Conference was held in Minneapolis, Minnesota with 2,650 attendees and over 100 exhibiting companies, including Sunrise Labs. The conference is focused on the collective goals of OEM device manufacturers as they look to improve the lives of patients by advancing medical technology.

The conference kicked off on Monday, October 17th with a series of special AdvaMed Accel Leadership Seminars, panel sessions, and networking opportunities. Throughout the conference, executives from Medtronic, Mayo Clinic, UnitedHealth Group, Johnson and Johnson, and other healthcare leaders met to discuss issues such as the future of healthcare delivery, innovation in medtech, and the Internet of Things (IoT). The conference's panel sessions covered hot topics like in vitro diagnostics, key health policies, legal, payment and health care delivery, technology, and regulation.

Thanks to a booming digital era and new technology being introduced practically weekly, consumer expectations have rapidly changed and will continue to do so. One of the more popular topics was medical device convergence and how it's transforming the relationship consumers have with medical device data. Consumers now want data that goes beyond how many steps they walk in a day or what their heart rate is during different types of exercise. Consumers want deeper, diagnostic data that presents a more holistic view of their general health and wellness. One company making strides with medical convergence is COR, who offers a lab-grade blood analysis for consumers to use at home to access vital and valuable health information through blood samples.

In addition to medical device convergence, using real world data, or Big Data, to drive device innovation was discussed. Many of the speakers stated that companies need to work together to understand raw data that is available on the market, which will ultimately result in greater innovation for the medical device community.