About Us

An Experienced Product Development Company

Sunrise Labs was founded in 1992 to produce robust, reliable, cost-effective design solutions with a sharp focus on time-to-profit. Clients come to Sunrise Labs for complete product development for medical devices and life science instrumentation, leveraging our ISO-13485:2016 certified processes. With experience spanning the development cycle and a reputation for delivering on commitments, our team is the smart choice to tackle your product development challenges.

Sunrise at a Glance

  • People: 65+ engineers with a focus on software, electronics, systems, and mechanical
  • Services: Full Product Development, Engineering (SW, EE, ME), Medical V&V, and Consulting
  • Headquarters: Bedford, New Hampshire
  • Ownership: privately held by Sunrise managers
  • Certifications: ISO-13485:2016

An Experienced Team

Sunrise Labs has become known for its exceptional people. Whether our client is a startup or an established company, each project is unique. Over sixty five engineers at the top of their field work collaboratively and apply their experience to understand our client's technical and business objectives to deliver a product that works. A well-rounded team of professionals stand beside our engineers to support them in their creation of cutting edge products. Meet the Sunrise Labs team

Innovative Culture

We strive to engage our clients and each other with uncompromising integrity and constant respect for people including the assumption of positive intent. The nature of our work is exciting, challenging, and ever changing. While projects can be intense, our team uses flexible work schedules to maintain a healthy work/life balance. If you are interested in joining the team, check out our list of available positions.